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Frequent questions re delivery:

Do we sell outside of the UK?

We are unable to deliver outside of the UK, however this is for now, we maybe able to do so in the future.

Is it possible to ship Ireland and the Highlands?

As a matter of fact we can accept orders to Ireland however it will cost an additional fee. Additional fees also apply to the highlands. These fees will be seen when at the checkout.


Frequent questions re the products:

what can I do to prevent cracking?

There are a few things you should be doing to ensure that the clay is less likely to crack, these are:

1) Cover the chimenea up/bring it in doors when it is colder. Frost/Snow on a chimenea can make cracks appear or enlargen ones that are already there. By covering the chimenea it prevents this from happening. 

2)Have small fires to begin with. By having small fires the clay becomes used to being fired and cooling, should the fire be too big when first starting then the clay will crack as the fire will be too intense.

How should I put wood in the chimenea?

If you choose to have a larger fire, ensure that wood is not sticking out the chimenea. This means no wood sticks out of the mouth or out of the funnel. Make sure the wood is only in the belly of the chimenea.

Other Questions

If you need to cancel an order or want a replacement, please see our claims policy page to find out more.

If you have any questions not covered in our frequently asked questions, please contact us via details seen on the contact us page.

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