orders shipping to Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey there are additional fees, please see below for what these costs are: eland, Jersey, Guernsey there will be additional charges, please see below for the costs:

  • UK mainland- free shipping
  • Scottish Highlands- £70.00
  • Alderney, Sark & Herm- £132.00
  • Argyll and Bute- £172.00
  • Arran & Cumbrae- £156.00
  • Northern Ireland- £54.00
  • Isle of Harris- £156.00
  • Isle of Wight- £66.00
  • Jersey & Guernsey- £72.00
  • Lewis & Skye- £108.00
  • Mull and Islay- £172.00
  • Orkney & Shetlands- £144.00
  • St Marys & Scilly- £198.00
  • Uist- £156.00
  • Ireland- £60.00

Grills & other Accessories: These products have a dispatch time of 1 working day from date ordered. Depending on the location of the order, products have a delivery time of at least 1 working day. However this can take up to 2 working days. However this delivery schedule only applies to orders without a chimenea. See the delivery times of a chimenea to know how much longer this would take.

Chimeneas: The chimeneas can be fragile products, especially during delivery. As such they cannot be shipped out on next day delivery as they are likely to be damaged or broken. Hence we have a longer timescale to ensure a quality delivery.

Large and smaller sizes: 2-3 working days, depending on where the delivery is taking place

Extra-large chimeneas and bigger: Take between 5-7 working days.

Furthermore should the delivery be to the Highlands, Islands or Ireland then it can take an additional 3 days.

Contact for delivery:

Furthermore, once the chimenea is being processed the customer will be contacted via email, in order for the customer to be notified when the chimenea is being delivered. Delivery will then take place the following day. This ensures the customer is aware of the delivery so they are home to collect it.

For chimenea deliveries headed to the exclusion zone, the process is slightly different. Once the order is dispatched the customer will be told when the order is scheduled to be delivered.

Finally, if you have questions regarding any other product delivery times. Please contact us and we will get back to you with an answer.

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