Jumbo Cast Iron Chimenea

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  • Exclusive cast iron chimenea to Roxanne Trading.
  • 100% Cast Iron.
  • 5 year guarantee against thermal shock on the cast iron.
  • Burns wood, charcoal and coal
  • Mesh Design.
  • Comes with a poker.
  • Excellent heat conductor.
  • Colour: Bronze
  • Size: Length: 53cm, Width: 53cm, Height: 137cm, Weight: 45Kg

Jumbo cast iron chimenea, in bronze. Comes with a matching lid and a poker. It has a 5 year guarantee against thermal shock.

This chimenea comes partly assembled (in two parts, the belly and the funnel).


The chimenea is made of 100% cast iron

It is strong, durable and long lasting if properly maintained

Has a hinged mesh door, rain lid and decorative legs

The Jumbo cast iron chimenea has a criss-cross, weave type pattern going around the funnel as well as the legs.


It can burn any solid fuels including wood, charcoal and coal. Suitable for big fires as the cast iron can take the heat. The cast iron will also hold the heat easily.

Furthermore the chimenea can be used both as an incinerator, or as a BBQ as it does have a swing out grill. It burns the fuels efficiently and leaves hardly any ash depending on the size of the fire used.

Additionally when in use it is best to take the lid of the chimenea off, therefore ensuring the smoke goes out the funnel rather than the mouth.


This chimenea comes already assembled.

The chimenea comes with user instructions, showing how to assemble and maintain the chimenea.


When not in use, it is best to have the chimenea covered up. This will prevent the chimenea from gaining rust, as cast iron can begin to rust if left wet for prolonged periods of time.

If you don’t have a cover and it rains wipe off residue water to prevent pooling of water which will lead to rusting.

Colour: Bronze

Delivery times

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 53 × 53 × 137 cm

Cast Iron


Matching designed cast iron lid


Has a two pronged poker

User Instructions

Comes with user instructions, on how to assemble and maintain the chimenea.

1 review for Jumbo Cast Iron Chimenea

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Item is good but difficult to put together as screws which came with it were incorrect in length. Had to use own. Also unfortunately delivery driver damaged a brick pier when turning. Very apologetic and nice man.

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