Pair of Suede Firegloves


Estimated delivery on 22 - 29 September, 2023
  • Chunky sued firegloves.
  • Designed to protect hands and forearms from fire.
  • Can be used as oven mitts.
  • Can hold hot items.
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Size:
    • Length: 33cm
    • Width: 17cm
    • Height: 3cm

Pair of suede firegloves; designed to prevent burns to hands and forearms when dealing with chimeneas with a fire.


These firegloves are made of chunky suede with an inner lining of protective material. They are yellow orange in colour.

Furthermore they are similar to welders gloves, being made of the same material.

For now they only come in one size however they fit most sized hands.

Moreover they are perfect for being close to the fire for short periods of time.


The pair of suede firegloves are perfect for adding wood or repositioning wood in a fire without fear of being harmed. They can also be used as oven mitts for chimeneas to take out pots or  grills that have been in the chimenea, as they are fireproof.

Prevents burns from occurring on the forearms and hands.

Can be used foot placing wood on an open fire or handling hot items.


No assembly is required.

Comes with user instructions, detailing how to use them.


Can begin to discolour over time due to soot and ash.

If left outside to the elements, they will begin to rot, so it is best to bring them in to preserve longevity.



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Dimensions 33 × 17 × 3 cm


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