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Small cast-iron chimenea with steel funnel


  • Plain, cute design.
  • Burns wood, charcoal and coal.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Ideal for small patios and gardens.
  • Comes with rain lid and mesh door.
  • Colour: Bronze
  • Size:
    • Length: 36cm
    • Width: 36cm
    • Height: 70cm
    • Weight: 8.5Kg

34 in stock

Small cast-iron chimenea with steel funnel
This item: Small cast-iron chimenea with steel funnel

34 in stock

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Small cast-iron chimenea with steel funnel, perfect for small patios and gardens. Can be moved around easily


Small chimney with a large belly comparatively.

Plain no additional decor.

Cute design.

Easy to maintain.

Easy to use.


It can burn any solid fuels including wood, charcoal and coal. Suitable for big fires as the cast iron can take the heat. The cast iron will also hold the heat easily.

Furthermore the chimenea can be used both as an incinerator, or as a BBQ as a grill is included. It burns the fuels efficiently and leaves hardly any ash depending on the size of the fire used.

Additionally when in use it is best to take the lid of the chimenea off, therefore ensuring the smoke goes out the funnel rather than the mouth.


It is best to cover up the chimenea when not in use, in order to preserve it longer and prevent it from rusting due to the elements.

It shouldn’t rust as long as there are no pools of water that start to gather on the chimenea. Otherwise it may lead to rusting.


The Small cast-iron chimenea with steel funnel comes with User Instructions, explaining how to assemble and use the product. As well as showing how to maintain the chimenea.

Colour: Bronze

Delivery times

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 37.5 × 33 cm


User Instructions

Comes with user instructions, on how to assemble and maintain the chimenea.


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