Advantages of cast iron

There are many advantages of choosing cast iron over steel or clay. Cast iron is a much more robust material than the other materials mentioned. As a result, the chimeneas made from this material are much more durable, heat resistant and solid.

Due to the robust nature of cast iron, many of the products can be given guarantees for several years. This is because the cast iron is durable for at least this amount of time, if not longer. This in turn means that bigger and larger fires can be fired with more intensity without the worry that the product will crack.

Moreover, cast iron retains heat in a better fashion than steel and clay, as such it will stay hotter for longer, making the product become a radiator allowing for enjoyable stays outside with a source of heat. Another advantage of cast iron retaining heat is that it can be used for cooking. Especially as many of the cast iron chimeneas come with a swingout grill or means to install one.

Other advantages of cast iron how the details are cast. Some of the products have certain patterns and designs due to the sand-casting process allowing for this. Unlike steel products, cast iron chimeneas can have much more decorative designs. Although some of these designs aren’t as detailed as clay models. Due to the properties of cast iron; the patterns and designs on cast iron chimeneas will last longer. These designs and patterns can be seen on the Kinver designed chimeneas.

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